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April 9, 2016

“Guetts wants to know if they can borrow our bass amp.”

Susan posed that question in the middle of a crowded Pilot Light in Knoxville’s Old City. It was barely five in the afternoon, and a lot of folks were already filling the joint, nodding their heads up and down in front of the stage, standing in the back to get a more full view, leaning on the bar, or coming and going through the front door to smoke.

“Sure, of course,” I replied.

It was the third annual Big Asses Fest, and by that time several acts had already played. Bark was still three bands away, but things were on schedule, everybody was having a good time, and the vibe was great. Last-minute negotiations ensued between bands to share gear and make the changeovers simpler. Zach from the Sweet Years was letting Susan use his drum kit, and Niles from the Crumbsnatchers was going to use one of our amps, thanks to Guettts’ request.

As Mare Vita was doing their thing, i took it all in. This was my world. A bunch of cool bands working together to make it all happen. No goals other than to get on the stage and do it up.


We got y’all a present…

We recorded this track for a film project that was put on the back burner for the time being. We dig it so much that we thought we’d just throw it out there for y’all.

Recorded at John Baker’s studio, The Arbor, with John Baker and Gray Comer at the board, “Take Me Back to Happy Valley” is a traditional bluegrass tune, and original recordings of the song fall squarely within that genre with banjo, mandolin, and quick tempo. For comparison, The Bailey Brothers/Happy Valley Boys recorded a version (

We decided to turn the song on it’s head a bit. We slowed it down significantly, put it in a minor key, and used mostly low-end instrumentation. Susan played Bass (and sang), Tim played Bass VI, Chris played percussion, and we brought in guests: Daniel Kimbro played bowed upright Bass, and Greg Horne played a long-scale Banjo borrowed from John Harvey and Mary Podio at Top Hat Studio.

What we came up with sounds more like a murder ballad.

So, listen, download, and enjoy our year’s end gift for you.

Here’s to a rockin’ 2016 for us all!

~ Tim, Susan & Chris