Tim Lee 3


Tim Lee



Time Machine 1982-2002 (Paisley Pop) 2003

Electric Landlady (DB) 1991

At Home With Bobby and Tim (DB) 1989

A Different Sort … (DB) 1987

A Different Sort … (Zippo/UK) 1987

Run (DB) 1986

Run (Zippo/UK) 1986

“I’ll Be Back” 12″ single + 2 (DB) 1986

Disciples of Agriculture (Fr. Closer) 1985

Terminal (Homestead) 1985

Any Monkey With a Typewriter EP (Big Monkey) 1983

Meet the Windbreakers EP (Big Monkey) 1982


Side Projects / Appearances / Tributes / Compliations

Tim Lee 3

My Home Town: a tribute to New Jersey, (FDR Label, 2013), “The Bulrushes” (Bongos)

Skrang: Sounds Like Bobby Sutliff, (Cool Dog/Paisley Pop/Career, 2013), “I Thought You Knew”

Rave On: A Tribute to the Reducers, Vol. 1, (Good Sponge, 2012), “Don’t You Wanna”

Bear Family Records 35th Anniversary, (Bear Family Records, 2010), “Ursa Major”

ReDistilled, (WUTK, 2008), “Distillery,” (RB Morris), with Black Atticus, Star, and Mercedes

PotLuck Audio Conference 2008 Sampler (WaveLab, 2008)

Quake Orphans

featuring: Tim Lee, Susan Bauer Lee, Cecilia Miller and Greg Horne

Quake Orphans, self titled (Cool Dog, 2013)

Tim Lee

Jon Dee Graham, Knoxville Skyline (self-release) 2016 (guitars)

Kevin Abernathy, Ain’t Learned Yet (Life Socket) 2015 (guitar/vocals/production)

Plainclothes Tracy – S/T EP (self-release) 2010 (TL played guitar on one song)

Heiskell – Clip-On Nose Ring (Jeff Heiskell Music) 2008 (TL co-produced and played guitar, bass, keyboard)

Daniel Miller – Backporch (Daniel Miller) 2007 (TL co-produced and played guitar, bass)

John T. Baker – Man in the Street (Disgraceland) 2006 (TL played on two songs)

Mark Coram – Garageacana (self-release) 2006 (TL was part of the backing band)

Todd Steed – Heartbreaks and Duct Tape (Apeville 2005) (TL plays guitar on four songs)

Misery Loves Company – S/T (Neverending 2005) (TL plays guitar on four songs)

Daniel Miller – Southbound (Daniel Miller 2005) (TL plays most guitar, all bass, keyboards)

Hoover’s G-String – Elephant Parts (Red Tide 2005) (TL plays guitar on two songs)

Angel & the Love Mongers – self titled (Disgraceland) 2005 (guitar & keyboards)

John T. Baker – Rough Skeleton (Disgraceland) 2004 (guitar)

Invisible Mind Circus – Look Inside (Never Too Late) 2004 (guitar, organ)

Plan A – The View Through These Words (My One Plan) 2004 (guitar)

Sci-Fi Love Story – Songs from the Planet’s Surface (SFL Records) 2004 (all guitars)

Dutch Rub – Somewhere in Summertime (SFL Records) 2004 (guitar on “Lady Red’s Sister” & “One Louder”)

Leslie Woods – The Luxury of Sin (Cultstar) 2004 (guitar, acoustic guitar)

Todd Steed – Knoxville Tells (Disgraceland) 2003 (guitar on Peyton Manning … & Shutdown State)

Primitons – Happy All the Time (Carolin) 1997 (guitar, backing vocals)

George Cartwright – Dot (Cuneiform) 1994 (bass on No No No Nee)

The Skeeters – Wine, Women & Walleye (DB) 1988 (TL produced & played keyboards)

Bobby Sutliff – Only Ghosts Remain (JEM) 1987 (acoustic guitar on Couldn’t Help Myself)

Will & the Bushmen – Gawk (Mustang) 1987 (TL co-produced)

Absolute Grey – What Remains (Midnight) 1986 (TL produced)

Bobby Sutliff – Another Jangly Mess (Tambourine) 1986 (acoustic guitar on Couldn’t Help Myself)

Just One More: A Tribute to Larry Brown (Bloodshot, 2008), Tim & Susan Lee, “The Bridge”

Sensitive Guy’s Guide to Groovy Sounds (Paisley Pop) 2004, Tim Lee, “Keep It True”

Pop Culture Press Sampler 2003, Tim Lee, “Keep it True”

Hit the Hay Vol. 5 (Sound Asleep/Sweden) 2001, Tim Lee, “King and Queen of Uptown”

Pop Culture Press Sampler 2000, Tim Lee, “Without Action (electric version)”

Stand-Ins for Decibels (Paisley Pop) 2005, Tim Lee, “Molly Says”

Every Word – Tribute to Let’s Active (Laughing Outlaw/Australia) 2003, Failed Energy Giants (Tim Lee), “Blue Pipeline”

The Gimmecaps (Black Dog Records) 1997 (Tim, John Stiratt, Charles David Overton)

Gone Fishin’ (Tim & Matt Piucci) – Can’t Get Lost … (Restless) 1986 (Tim & Matt Piucci)

Howard & Tim’s Paid Vacation – I Never Met a Girl ... (Midnight) 1986 (Tim & Howard Wuelfing)

Beat Temptation – Concerned About Rock Music (Homestead) 1986

Beat Temptation EP (Big Monkey) 1984 (Tim, Bruce Golden, Sherry Cothren, Robin Sutliff)

Squares Blot Out the Sun (DB) 1990, Tim Lee, “Talked About It (acoustic version)”

Mississippi’s Dreaming (Fishtone) 1993, Tim Lee, “So Cold” 1991

20th Anniversary of the Summer of Love (Shimmy-Disc) 1987, George Cartwright, “I Remember it All” (Cartwright/Lee)

Ghost Snake Monster Friend (Mustang) 1987, Tim Lee, “Just Like Amazing Grace”

Hanging Out at Midnight (Midnight) 1986, Paid Vacation, “That Won’t Make You Love Me”

Susan Bauer Lee

Jon Dee Graham, Knoxville Skyline (self-release) 2016 (bass, backing vox)

Kevin Abernathy, Ain’t Learned Yet (Life Socket) 2015 (bass and/or backing vocals on 6 songs)

Just One More: A Tribute to Larry Brown (Bloodshot, 2008), Tim & Susan Lee, “The Bridge”

Heiskell, Clip-On Nose Ring (Jeff Heiskell Music) 2008 (bass)

John T. Baker, Man in the Street (Disgraceland) 2006 (bass on two songs)

Mark Coram, Garageacana (self-release) 2006 (backing band)

Misery Loves Company, S/T (Neverending 2005) (bass on four songs)


Oxford American 11th Edition Southern Music, (OA 2010), “So Much”

Buffalo Springfield Tribute (Not Lame) 2005, “Expecting to Fly”

A Bucketfull of Possibilities (BoB) 2004, Windbreakers, “Don’t Wanna Know”

Acres for Cents (Zippo/UK) 1987, “Run”

Jericho Go! (Stiff/UK) 1985, “Nation of Two”