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Top 10s, 100s, 500s, etc.

we don’t generally expect to be on anyone’s top-whatever lists… especially when your newest release was way early in the year. we kinda figure that by now, with so many releases out there all year long… well… we just figured that “devil’s rope” was gonna get lost in the shuffle.

but, the KDHX DJs Top 10 Albums of 2013 list came out today, and Steve Pick included “Devil’s Rope” in his list and we are awfully proud to be there with some pretty impressive company.

go. read. dig.

and, thanks, Steve!

Y’all like a good sale, don’tcha?

well, surf on over to our merch page. we don’t have much left after this year, but we did come into a very (VERY) limited quantity of “Raucous Americanus,” which is basically out of print and only available via download. At only $12 for a double CD, we’re practically giving it away!

we also have “Devil’s Rope” on sale:

  • CD = $12 (US only, regularly $15)
  • Vinyl + Download Card = $20 (US only, regularly $25)

we’ve also marked down “Devil’s Rope” for our international friends:

  • CD = $20 (regularly $22)
  • Vinyl + Download Card = $30 (regularly $35)

Put a little TL3 in your favorite music lover’s stocking for Christmas.

Holidaze are comin’!


“I’ve got that holiday spirit…. gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!”
— the dBs single “Holiday Spirit,” c. 1988

“Holidays are comin’ on/Daddy’s gettin’ pissed off.”
— TL3, “Bullets in the Barn,” (Raucous Americanus, 2010)

First Friday. Pilot Light. Rock & Roll. 8pm.
Not too terribly late (unless you wanna).

presented by WUTK The Rock

Greg Horne Band + Tim Lee 3 + Pleases + White Gregg

Holiday Hangover 2013

Monday after Thanksgiving… everyone’s favorite back-to-work-after-the-turkey day.

you know… a Holiday Hangover.

Everyone likes to call it Cyber Monday, but that sounds so … um … not fun.

Surf on over to our Merch page and take advantage of a 10% discount for buying directly from TL3hq until Midnight tonite.

Secret word for the day: HolidayHangover13

We thank you for your support!