Y’all like a good sale, don’tcha?

well, surf on over to our merch page. we don’t have much left after this year, but we did come into a very (VERY) limited quantity of “Raucous Americanus,” which is basically out of print and only available via download. At only $12 for a double CD, we’re practically giving it away!

we also have “Devil’s Rope” on sale:

  • CD = $12 (US only, regularly $15)
  • Vinyl + Download Card = $20 (US only, regularly $25)

we’ve also marked down “Devil’s Rope” for our international friends:

  • CD = $20 (regularly $22)
  • Vinyl + Download Card = $30 (regularly $35)

Put a little TL3 in your favorite music lover’s stocking for Christmas.