33 1/3


TL3_33&1-3_frontsmallOur new record, 33.1/3, hits the streets next week. We hope y’all will come celebrate it with us at Scruffy City Hall on Friday, March 6. KevinAbernathy_AintLearnedYetThe show will also feature the new self-titled Bark record (2/3 of TL3 side project) as well as our friend Kevin Abernathy’s new record Ain’t Learned Yet (we highly recommend that y’all check him out… click on those covers).


Friday Freeload #7


Looking for Distraction

In late 2011/early 2012, we recorded demo versions of several songs we were considering for the Devil’s Rope album at Dave Dewitt’s Shed 55 Studio here in Knoxville. This was during the brief time that Bill Van Vleet was filling in on drums before Chris Bratta came on board (where he’s been for nearly three years now).



We recorded versions of “Weird Weather,” “Devil’s Rope,” “Monkey Dance,” and “Halo Days,” all of which we eventually re-recorded with Chris on drums for the album. While we were there, we also tracked this song, “Looking for Distraction,” that we never got around to recording again. That happens sometimes. For instance, we had two or three more songs that we were gonna record for consideration for 33.1/3, but we decided we had a complete album before we got around to them.

Some of these lost songs come back around later, but mostly they get left behind in the frenzy to write and record new material.

Although “Looking…” never got another studio recording, it did show up on the limited-edition Live from the Pilot Light CD that we made available as a premium for Devil’s Rope pre-orders.

Hope you like it.

— TL